Diesel Care and Performance remanufactures diesel engines for all mid-range diesel. We stock a large selection
of exchange engines to get you back on the road fast. Some of the features of our engine program are:

  • All of our engines come with a one year/100K mile warranty.
  • We also rebuild turbochargers and fuel systems for a completely rebuilt engine.
  • We use the finest parts available, including Mahle pistons, in our rebuilding process.
  • We also install engines in out Memphis location.
  • All wear items are replaced on each engine.
  • Fuel systems are calibrated on a test stand dyno for maximum performance.

Short Block

Short blocks consist of block, crankshaft, pistons and rings, as an assembly.

Long Block

Long blocks have all the components of a short block, as well as the remanufactured head assembly, valve covers,
oil pans (most instances) front timing covers and water pumps (most instances)

Long Block Supreme

If offered, Long block supreme has all the components of a long block, as well as glow plugs, misc sensors, pulleys,
and in most instances, injectors.

Complete Engine

A complete engine comes with all the components of a long block supreme, as well as complete fuel system. intake
manifolds, and in some instances, turbocharger.

As there are subtle differences in exchange engines, it is best to contact us to see what is available in specific
engine models

All of our exchange engines carry a core charge. This is a charge, or deposit, to insure that we get the old engine returned
to us. It is also a deposit on the quality or condition of the core that you return to us. We use a core grading policy that
allows us to determine if your core is buildable. After we determine the condition of your core(usually 10-15 business days)
we refund the core charge. Core deduction are capped at 50% of the core amount for damaged cores.  Core that have
been in a fire, suffered accident damage, having visible external signs of damage, or have been disassembled beyond what
is reasonable and customary for engine removal/diagonstics, are not acceptable as cores.
All engines are shipped via freight truck. We cap all shipping charges are 300.00 to anywhere in the United States.
Shipping generally take 3-5 business days to most areas of the country. Shipping to a business is preferred, but is not
required. There is an additional tailgate charge of 75.00 if you do not have a method of unloading the engine. All return
shipments of the core is the responsibility of the purchaser.
Telephone 1-800-380-9290